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Volunteer Positions




You get to choose how you can help.  We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available .  Select what suits you...then join us.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at the difference you can make!  Interested parties will need to submit a volunteer application which is available on-line or at the shelter. After we process your application, we invite you to a general orientation which includes an overview of HSMC and its procedures and polices.  During this orientation we also provide a dog walking and cat socialization orientation.  


Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times by a parent/guardian who is a registered volunteer.  Minors between the ages of 16 to 18 may volunteer within the shelter with a signed waiver by their parent/guardian and attendance at a general orientation.  You must be 18 years of age to walk a dog or participate in events outside the shelter that include an animal.


Volunteer Opportunities



Fundraising/Special Events: HSMC has several fundraising events (i.e. Paws on the Path, Run For Their Lives-5K Run/Walk) throughout the year.  Volunteers are needed to assist in planning, distribution of posters/informational material, contacting area businesses for raffle/door prizes, execution of and participation in the event.  We also receive invitations to participate in local organizations’ events (i.e. Wausau Area Jaycee’s Fourth of July Celebration).  Volunteers are needed to man our informational booth, spotlight adoptable pets and/or provide assistance during the event. 


Saturday Appearances:  HSMC has been invited by local businesses to set up our informational booth and spotlight an animal from the shelter.  Saturday appearances alternate between the businesses during the month and are scheduled three months in advance.   This is an awesome opportunity for us to interact with members of our community.  Since most of our locations are at pet stores, the people coming in are pet owners and are interested in the HSMC.  As a representative of the HSMC you have the opportunity to make us shine. 


Greeter/Volunteer Desk:  Be the first friendly face our clients see when they come into the building!  Volunteers help direct clients to appropriate areas and answer questions about volunteering and more.  This is a great way to meet people!  This position has the greatest need on Thursdays and Saturdays during regular shelter hours.


Dog socialization/walkers:  This is a flexible volunteer activity.  Once trained, walkers can come and go, based on their schedules during regular shelter hours.  The dogs benefit from the variety of handlers, thereby learning to interact with many different people.  The exercise helps brighten their day and offers a much needed change of scenery.

Cat socialization:  This is a flexible volunteer activity.  Once trained, this flexible volunteer activity can be conducted during regular shelter hours to socialize the adoptable cats.  The cats benefit from hugs, petting, grooming, and love they receive during this volunteer activity.  This helps the cats stay friendly and adoptable.


Animal Caretaker: Once trained, the volunteer brushes, bathes, cleans the ears, and cuts toenails to make sure the animals look and feel their best.  This volunteer activity is important and can be scheduled to meet the needs of the animals and the volunteer.

Landscaping/Yard work:

Enjoy the outside while volunteering!  Help maintain the outside grounds of the shelter by mowing, landscaping, and gardening. If you have a green thumb, the shelter would love to have you help!


Newsletter/Mailings: Volunteers are needed to assemble mailings for fundraisers and the quarterly newsletters.  The newsletter provides the public with a snapshot of what is happening at the shelter.  This is an “as needed” activity.

We are working to build a team of volunteers who can commit to minimum of a one day a week to assist staff in morning cleaning duties.


Housekeeping:  Volunteers help do a tremendous amount of dishes, laundry, and cleaning each day.  These volunteers work with staff to ensure that all the animals (and human visitors!) have a clean and sanitary animal shelter.  This is critical to the health of the shelter animals.  Volunteers also help keep main areas as well as office areas clean and organized.  Most of the cleaning takes place during the morning hours when the shelter is closed to the public. 

Small Animal Cleaning:  All of our guests deserve and receive a safe and healthy environment.  HSMC enjoys a variety of guests including birds, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes, rabbits, ferrets and more!  Train with HSMC staff to learn about each as they arrive, and provide a clean environment with fresh food, water and all the amenities!

Dog Kennel Cleaning: Train and work with HSMC Staff to clean the kennels of our canine companions! First off, poop patrol!  Followed by helping to pressure wash, sanitize, disinfect, rinse and squeegee each area; reset all the food, water, toys and blankets to make our dog friends stay here happy and healthy!    


Cat Environ Cleaning:  Train and work with HSMC Staff to clean the cages of our feline friends.  Every kitty at the “hotel” deserves room service, and we clean theirs top to bottom and side to side, including litter pan, food and water bowls, blankets and toys!  Keeping kitties healthy in a shelter is a meticulous chore but well worth the effort!