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Missing Pets


From lost to found

The more eyes you have looking, the better. When your pet is missing, contact us immediately. Then begin by canvassing your neighborhood - getting friends and family to trace the paths most familiar to your pet. Post flyers in your community - not just your neighborhood, but high-traffic areas like town halls, libraries, grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations.

If your pet has been lost in an unfamiliar area, leave personal items of clothing where your pet can find them. Your pet will navigate by sense of smell and sit contentedly on a piece of your clothing until you return - so be certain to check frequently.

As a preventative measure, be certain your pets have ID tags with your most current contact information.

If your pet is missing, check out the stray pet pictures on this website often! Also visit This site gives lost pet owners and people who have found a pet another avenue to place a free classified ad with a photo. Registration is free. All 50 US States are listed.